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The Davines NaturalTech range is free of parabens and surfactants + is enriched with Phytoceuticals for anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-radical actions, along with the use of essential oils for unique scents. A line of treatment products to solve the most common problems or ailments of the scalp and hair.  With NaturalTech, Davines has created a perfect synergy between nature and technology, combining only the best carefully selected raw materials with the most advanced science and research.
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                                                            NATURALTECH BY DAVINE'S TREATMENT MENU

 Revitalising for the wellbeing of the scalp and for dry, brittle and damaged hair.
-A strong antioxidant with phytoceuticals and polyphenols extracted from grapes.

BEYOND ENERGISING’ Dedicated to the problem of a fragile scalp and hair loss.
-With high concentrations of active ingredients such as a caffeine phytoceutical, combined with sirtuins and betaglucans. These carry out an effective antioxidant and anti-ageing action by invigorating and strengthening the scalp.

'BEYOND DETOXIFYING’ Regenerating for scalp and stressed hair.
-With phytoceuticals taken from artichokes and essential oils from cardamom, coriander and mint, this is very strong antioxidant with stimulating, antiseptic and soothing action properties.

‘BEYOND CALMING’ Soothing and calming for sensitive scalps.
-Very strong anti-inflammatory power extracted from blueberries. With sedative and calming properties owed to the essential oils from patchouli.

'BEYOND RENEWING’ Maintenance of the well-being of the scalp and hair, and for the preventative treatment of ageing.
-Softness of hair + 37% Shine of hair + 29%. Body of hair + 29%

'BEYOND RE-PLUMPING’ Elasticising and hydrating treatment for re-plumping and smoothing.
-Combating free radicals with polyphenols, flavonoids and anti-oxidants using plum phytoceuticals.

‘BEYOND PURIFYING’ Antiseptic, calming, preventative and curative of dry and greasy dandruff.
- Enriched with phytoceuticals from dandelions and essential oils extracted from lavender, sage and myrrh this purifying treatment is packed with anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidant power.

‘BEYOND REBALANCING’ Rebalancing for excess sebum production.
-A strong anti-inflammatory owing its power to phytoceuticals from lemons. Camomile, cedar wood and Japanese green tea essential oils are for their calming and sedative properties.

‘BEYOND WELL-BEING’ Moisturising, protective and invigorating for all hair types.
-Essential oils from clove, nutmeg and sandalwood give a soothing, stimulating, anti-inflammatory power while the echinacea phytoceuticals provides the strong anti- oxidant.

                                               All treatments £20.00 or can be added on to your appointment for only £8.00